idiot teenagers with a death wish.
5 March 2012 @ 1:28 PM

the real reason we never got to see the bubblegum wrapper promise ring scene

was because blaine accidentally/misguidedly made it with the wrappers from the tater tot-flavored bubblegum at mercedes’s place and imbued it with some bad voodoo by mistake

and when blaine put it on kurt he turned into a solid gold statue

that’s why we had to wait another month between extraordinary merry christmas and yes/no

because blaine was running around trying to find a way to break the spell

2 years ago
  1. endlessandsinging said: I think glee needs a good quest - maybe that’ll be on the dvd too, it will be like the LOTR mega-15-disc-extended edition glee. And it will be awesome.
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